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Piers of the California Coast by Ed Grant

Book Piers of the Californa Coast by Ed Grant

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For those of us who wouldn't dare live more than a mile from the coastline, piers are the essence of beach culture; a sturdy elegant presence against the surf while families flock along the shoreline and youthful exuberance comes to life. By night, some of California's most famous piers become the province of high celebrity amid the neon lights and salty air. This was my experience at the Malibu, Santa Monica and Santa Cruz piers over the years - to me, nothing less than full-fledged romance. Even for the saltiest among us, there is much to be learned - and for the landlocked dreamers fascinated by the California lifestyle, this book is an absolute treasure. Beautifully written, exquisitely photographed and historically significant, Piers of the California Coast is not to be missed.

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