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Santa Cruz Woodies on the Wharf 2018 Poster

Woodies on the Wharf Poster 2018

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Original Woodies on the Wharf 2018 poster.

This item will ship starting the Monday following the Woodies of the Wharf event which is held on June 23rd, 2018. Alternatively, you may pickup your order in-store after the day of the event.

Size: 24x18

Over the years, Santa Cruz Woodies has been known for creating unique posters for our annual gathering, Woodies on the Wharf.  Our posters involve selected artists working in tandem with our own, talented Dave Welles for technical assistance.  Our goal is always to work closely with the artists to make a unique work of art that captures the soul of the club.

This year we recognize the uniqueness of Santa Cruz Woodies as we celebrate our twenty-fifth year as a chapter of the National Woodie Club.  Santa Cruz Woodies was the first chapter in California and the second chapter in existence.

The roots of Santa Cruz Woodies are forever linked to the early days of surfing, and the fun and escapism that the old cars provided as we cruised the California coast.  This year we worked closely with well-known local multi-media artist, Gary Irving, to create the poster.  Gary is known as one of the premier visual artists and is talented in drawing, painting and his highly stylized narrative photos.

The theme of the poster acknowledges and honors that Santa Cruz Woodies currently has almost all women officers, and we’re proud to have had four women presidents within the last several years.  The poster this year includes several original cars from the clubs beginnings and features the women officers, both past and present, of Santa Cruz Woodies.

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