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David Salazar

Born in Del Rio, Texas, David Salazar developed a love for nature and for art at an early age. His fascination with glass started in college, when he began making scientific glassware. In 1972, he worked as an apprentice at Lundberg Studios, and quickly moved into the more creative aspects of designing and torchwork. After 10 years in the studio environment, he decided to strike out on his own in order to develop new designs and techniques, working minute details of nature into paperweights and marbles.

Drawing on almost thirty years of experience, David uses the techniques of torchwork, lampwork and millefiori to create his dazzling art glass . Every piece is individually hand crafted, from the melting and coloring of the glass, drawing of rods and millefiori, to the design and construction of the furnaces and ovens.

David's original designs celebrate life, romance and nature, especially marine life, and have been featured in Smithsonian Magazine and in L.H. Selman's book All About Paperweights. David is featured in many collectors catalogues on paperweights and marbles.

Each piece of artwork is handmade and no two pieces are exactly the same. If you would like to order a David Salazar art piece, please give us a call at (831) 426-2257 or drop by the store.