Adult UCSC Fiat Banana Slugs T-Shirt + FREE DECAL


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The University of Santa Cruz Banana Slug's T-Shirt is a must-have classic. This is a shirt with a lot of history. So, whether or not you're a student, it's a necessary part of every wardrobe.

In the award-winning film Pulp Fiction, John Travolta immortalizes the Fiat Slug t-shirt by wearing it through-out the last few scenes of the film. As to how the slug shirt ended up in the movie, apparently director Quentin Tarantino frequented the Santa Cruz area some years back when his girlfriend was a student at the campus. He specifically requested the student-designed Fiat Slug shirt be used in the film.

Made of 99% Cotton, 1% Polyester fabric



  • Small
    chest: 17" wide
    top of collar to bottom of shirt: 25"
  • Medium:
    chest: 19.75" wide
    top to bottom: 25"
  • Large:
    chest: 21"
    collar to bottom: 27"
  • X-Large:
    chest: 23.75"
    collar to bottom: 27"
  • 2X:
    chest: 25"
    collar to bottom: 28"
  • 3X:
    chest: 27"
    collar to bottom: 29.25"
  • 4X:
    chest: 29.5"
    collar to bottom: 30"


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Adult UCSC Fiat Banana Slugs T-Shirt + FREE DECAL

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