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Bonny Doon Farm

Bonny Doon Farm, America’s Original Lavender Farm, was started in 1972 – becoming the first lavender farm in the USA – after the Moeller’s divided their farmstead of 152 acres between their four offspring. Our property continues as a prime agriculturally zoned parcel and is now surrounded by the 500 acre State of California Bonny Doon Ecological Reserve, part of which also was family land, but now is a wild land buffer to the outside world.

At Bonny Doon Farm, the Meehans have been farming Lavender and making Soaps, Gardener’s Salve, Perfumes and Colognes, Lotions, and assorted Lavender Products since the early 70’s. All of our products enjoy family rendered art, the finest ingredients and all are made in locally in California!

Gary and Diane Meehan come from a background of family farmers and gardeners. They planted every original plant and tree themselves after building the Farm to traditional standards. A true labor of love on our fine agricultural land hidden within a beautiful forest that was eventually to become the Bonny Doon State Nature Preserve. Three varieties of lavender are grown including their very own cultivar "Frieda" named after Diane's Mom who was our greatest inspiration. They've gone on to produce many products from other pure botanicals found around the world.


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