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Glass Heart Tumbler-by David Salazar

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New with David Salazar's etched signature on the bottom. Handmade glass tumbler from David Salazar's exquisite Heart Collection, 2012-2013. This beautiful tumbler is hand crafted from clear and colored glass decorated with a red heart and a metallic drizzle on the surface.  The glass is swirled with lovely shades of white and pink. David Salazar's art glass is highly collectible.

Please note: you will receive one tumbler size of your choosing from the Salazar collection. Each piece is handmade and you may not receive the exact one pictured. Each piece is unique and no two tumblers are exactly alike. The shade of the glass coloring, shape of the heart and metallic drizzler may vary.

Small Tumbler
Diameter: 2 inches
Height: 3-1/4 inches
Weight: 13oz

Medium Tumbler
Diameter: 2-3/8 inches
Height: 3-5/8 inches
Weight: 13oz

About the Artist
Drawing on almost thirty years of experience, David uses the techniques of torchwork, lampwork and millefiori to create his dazzling art glass . Every piece is individually hand crafted, from the melting and coloring of the glass, drawing of rods and millefiori, to the design and construction of the furnaces and ovens. David's original designs celebrate life, romance and nature, especially marine life, and have been featured in Smithsonian Magazine and in L.H. Selman's book All About Paperweights. David is featured in many collectors catalogs on paperweights and marbles.

Made In Santa Cruz is an authorized dealer of David Salazar art glass. We carry a selection of David Salazar marbles, paper weights, pumpkins, hearts, tumblers, vases, and ornaments.

Available for order and are usually in-stock. May take 1-2 weeks or less for fulfillment depending on inventory. Feel free to call for selections currently on hand ready for immediate shipment or pickup (831) 426-2257.