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KittyWeed Organic Loose Catnip

KittyWeed Organic Catnip

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KittyWeed is guaranteed to make your cat go wack! Kitty approved cat weed.


Full Half Ounce Bag of Loose Catnip

  • KittyWeed is 100% Certified Organic and Kosher catnip.
  • It's the highest potency for your kitty's utmost pleasure, excitement and satisfaction!

Just sprinkle some KittyWeed catnip on the floor or in your cat's favorite bed, and watch them roll all over it in ecstasy! You can also add some to your kitty's food to entice them to eat as cat's love to nibble at catnip! Sprinkling KittyWeed catnip on your cat's scratching post is also a great way to get them to sharpen their claws on it, instead of your furniture!

KittyWeed is an Eco-Friendly and Green Company. 
All products Made in the U.S.A.
Based in Santa Cruz, CA.

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